Aleksandr Manamis Autumn Winter 2017/2018

Well what can I say, the Aleksandr Manamis collection just gets better and better. This is as good as it gets, the designs, fabrics and construction are superb, with real flair and style. The Aleksandr Manamis look is strong, very strong and every piece is a work of art. The fabrics, both inside and outside are amazing. There is nothing I can say about this collection other than to praise it! The best thing you can do is check it out yourself.

Other than the obvious, much of the Aleksandr Manamis collection is unisex. This season sees striped and mottled jackets, which can be mixed with stunning trousers,┬áthe ‘striped, buckle pant’, in blue and army khaki stripes has to be one of the best trousers ever, just awesome! This collection doesn’t scream out how good it is, it just knows it is, subtle and wonderful.

Visit: Men-Aleksandr Manamis @ Corniche

Visit: Women-Aleksandr Manamis @ Corniche

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