Date - Jul 26th 2016

Rundholz Collection

Rundholz Collection - VAT FREE outside European Union

Rundholz Black, Dip and Mainline Collections

Carsten and Lenka Rundholz, are the designers responsible for the wonderful garments in the three Studio Rundholz clothing collections: Rundholz Mainline, Dip and Black Label. The Rundholz collections are stylish, innovative and extremely wearable. Their choice of fabrics is inspiring, with beautiful wool tweeds, checks and drills, cottons, linens and man-made fibres of the highest quality, all carefully chosen to compliment the garments.

Rundholz collections are for all tastes and purses. The Black Label has all the wonderful features you expect in Rundholz clothing, whilst being very accessible pricewise. The Mainline label and the Dip label offer incredible design and fabrics that can only be described as inspired.

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