Rundholz Autumn Winter 2017/2018

The three Rundholz collections this season are particularly good, with the Dip collection being exceptional and Mainline displaying a lovely elegance. Black Label has shown a distinct improvement in quality that really shows, with many pieces rivalling the two other collections. The Dip collection for Men has once again proved that the Rundholz project can be equally applied to men, it is very good.

Mainline offers luxury and elegant style, Dip that quirky, edgy look that is fantastic and such a joy to see and wear, customers, who wear Dip, love it like no other. This season Dip offers over-dyed black, greens and khaki greens and check out the fur coat in green! Black Label is bright with tartans, and prints, all very strong and in great fabrics and knits. I short the collections are a joy and to be savoured!

Visit Women-Rundholz @ Corniche

Visit Men-Rundholz @ Corniche


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