Masnada Autumn Winter 2017/2018

Well would you believe it, Masnada this Autumn Winter season have presented colour, reds, mustards and khaki green as well as their ubiquitous black. What hasn’t changed is the wonderful design and quality, it really is second to none. Beautiful coats, including puffers. Stunning jackets and a hard velvet, multi-buttoned, highly tailored, fitted jacket with matching trousers in khaki green, just great. Every piece in this collection is worth looking at. Nothing has been taken for granted and no corners crossed.

View: Masnada @ Corniche

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Rundholz Autumn Winter 2017/2018

The three Rundholz collections this season are particularly good, with the Dip collection being exceptional and Mainline displaying a lovely elegance. Black Label has shown a distinct improvement in quality that really shows, with many pieces rivalling the two other collections. The Dip collection for Men has once again proved that the Rundholz project can be equally applied to men, it is very good.

Mainline offers luxury and elegant style, Dip that quirky, edgy look that is fantastic and such a joy to see and wear, customers, who wear Dip, love it like no other. This season Dip offers over-dyed black, greens and khaki greens and check out the fur coat in green! Black Label is bright with tartans, and prints, all very strong and in great fabrics and knits. I short the collections are a joy and to be savoured!

Visit Women-Rundholz @ Corniche

Visit Men-Rundholz @ Corniche


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High by Claire Campbell Autumn Winter 2017/2018

High by Claire Campbell continues to provide some wonderful clothing and this Autumn Winter season is no exception. Great dresses and jackets, as we have come to expect, but this time check out the knitwear, it is really special, especially the mustard and the blue. This seasons biker jacket in a subtle dark green colour is exceptional.

High is a collection you can rely upon with each season presenting something new, but within the design panorama we have come to know.

View: High @ Corniche

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NostraSantissima Autumn Winter 2017/2018

Where have NostraSantissima been all our lives! This is really great clothing, beautiful, cutting-edge design, wonderful fabric and the very best construction. There is genuine talent here, each piece is special. This season is our first with NostraSantissima and we have only chosen a small sample of the collection, however we have been so impressed we will be doing more, much more.

Beautiful jackets, put with something simple will make a stunning outfit. A elegant coat, which is so much more when worn. Dresses with an edge, that stand out for the very best reasons. There is a highly tailored, cut-away style jacket in a brown that can be matched to two styles of trouser, very special.

All in all this is great clothing, which is what we love!

View: NostraSantissima @ Corniche

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Aleksandr Manamis Autumn Winter 2017/2018

Well what can I say, the Aleksandr Manamis collection just gets better and better. This is as good as it gets, the designs, fabrics and construction are superb, with real flair and style. The Aleksandr Manamis look is strong, very strong and every piece is a work of art. The fabrics, both inside and outside are amazing. There is nothing I can say about this collection other than to praise it! The best thing you can do is check it out yourself.

Other than the obvious, much of the Aleksandr Manamis collection is unisex. This season sees striped and mottled jackets, which can be mixed with stunning trousers,¬†the ‘striped, buckle pant’, in blue and army khaki stripes has to be one of the best trousers ever, just awesome! This collection doesn’t scream out how good it is, it just knows it is, subtle and wonderful.

Visit: Men-Aleksandr Manamis @ Corniche

Visit: Women-Aleksandr Manamis @ Corniche

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Novemb3r Autumn Winter 2017/2018

I like Novemb3r the clothing is beautifully cut, great fabrics and with a definite style. This Autumn Winter 2017 season offers a khaki green, military styled, double breasted coat, very nice and yes it will keep you warm! The round neck jackets, two button jackets in blue or black are right on the button and will enhance most outfits, as will the 3 button coat version, cut-away styled and fitted.

One of Novemb3r’s strong points, amongst many, are their trousers, these are exceptionally cut with a great look, check out for the pairs with braces, these sit and hang great.

View: Novemb3r @ Corniche

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The Lost Explorer

We love this collection! The explorer, adventurer and enviromentalist David de Rothschild’s brainchild, it brings the very best of sustainable fabrics together with excellent manufacture, usually in the US or Japan. The fabrics are very carefully chosen, again sourced in Japan and the US and include hardwearing, luxury boiled wools, cashmere and cotton mixes and crisp poplins.

When we were first shown this collection we became very excited and had no hesitation in ordering it for the shop. David de Rothschild has brought in some of the best in the business to run this great concept. Venice Beach, California based, this collection is going to appeal to a wide range of wearers and personally I would wear it anytime!

Visit: The Lost Explorer @ Corniche

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Barbara Bologna Autumn Winter 2017/2018

Barbara Bologna is a one-off, unique, wild and with a definite touch of genius, probably one of the best stylists we have ever seen. Her clothing is as close to haute couture as you can get off the rails. Beautifully styled and each piece standing on its own. There is always something exciting about Barbara’s collections and we always look forward to seeing it in Paris.

A touch of madness is always present with Barbara Bologna, but this is probably essential with this level of creativity. The clothes are very wearable and always notable!

Visit: Barbara Bologna @ Corniche

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Ivan Grundahl Autumn Winter 2017/18

This Danish collection is a new designer for Corniche, although very well established. Following the death of Ivan Grundahl, the collection is now designed by Roy Krejberg, who was with Kenzo for many years and was a founder of the excellent Peachoo + Krejberg. There is no doubt that Roy Krejberg has a lot to offer this collection and we should expect great things.

We are only stocking around a dozen pieces for this Autumn Winter collection, but every piece is excellent, beautifully designed, constructed and using wonderful fabrics. If you don’t know this fashion house then check it out, it is well worth doing so.

Visit: Ivan Grundahl @ Corniche

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Pal Offner for Autumn Winter 2017/18

Oh what a lovely collection this is, most of it is unisex, even allowing the buttons to be changed around, very simple, very clever.

Wonderful shapes and exquisite fabrics, this is really one our favourites. A little like Rundholz, but with their own flare and choice of fabrics make it quite different, however if you love Rundholz you will love this collection.

View: Men-Pal Offner @ Corniche

View: Women-Pal Offner @ Corniche

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